State of the Multiverse 35

It was convoluted, one could say continuity heavy, composed from a facile idea, and wiped itself from continuity before the story had even ended.

I loved every single minute of it!

Marvel Zombies Evil Evolution #1

Okay last week was not as slow as I initially thought, when at the bottom of my pile I discovered Marvel Zombies Vs Apes: Evil Evolution #1.

It was convoluted, one could say continuity heavy, composed from a facile idea, and wiped itself from continuity before the story had even ended.

I loved every single minute of it! Sheer idiotic genius. I think this weeks full-on return of Planet Terry in X-Babies #2 (they are not MY X-Babies!) will have to be a total masterpiece to compete in any fashion. I’m not going to hold my breath for that.

In fact the whole wiping from continuity thing doesn’t bother me at all, as I was horrified when at one point Monkey Speedball became infected. I really like Monkey Speedball, I liked his interactions with the Initiative, and I want to see a lot more of him. Hell, he may even be an essential ingredient in Robby Reeds rehabilitation one day, as I really don’t like what Marvel have done to him. I don’t want Penance (even though the plotline does make sense), I want my Speedball back! Still, if all I can have is a monkey, I can live with that for the time being.

Monkey-Speedball seems to me like a character that has serious potential, and captures me in a way that Howard the Duck never did. Then again, I like my comics to be fun, but not ludicrous, but that’s just personal taste. Less Bwah-ha-ha, and more of the odd chuckle.

Geek moment here. I say the wiping from continuity thing doesn’t bother me, except for the fact that it flies in the face of how time and dimension travel works in the Marvel Universe. Just as we saw the Zombie-world trapped in a loop at the end of Marvel Zombies Return, (not that that really adheres to the rules either, after all, where did the infection come from?), that loop has now been broken. The early part of the story can be considered to be the alternate reality (Zombie-Ape world, which is still out there) and the time-travel revision returns us to what is considered to be the mainstream Earth(s) of Earth 616, Zombie World and Ape-World. So the infection is still out there and travelling in the Multiverse. Due to its all-consuming nature, we shall see more of it.

And if you take the recent struggle against the Magus dominating all the timelines as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy as a precedent, then surely Kang or Immortus would need to take action. Or are we to have a zombie Time-Keeper?

What to watch out for this week? Realm Of Kings:Imperial Guard is out, continuing the story from the recent special. I like the way these characters have been treated in the new Cosmic Marvel, their three issue mini several years ago did nothing to satisfy me. They have grown far beyond mere Legion rip-offs, and I think this series will prove it.

X-Force #1 continues the X-Necrosha storyline (more zombies – YAY!), and REBELS #10 with the struggle against Starro. Both of these I am looking forward to immensely.

Oh, and did I mention the X-Babies?

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