State of the Multiverse 36

Confession time. I hang my head in shame, although not entirely unexpected.

Confession time. I hang my head in shame, although not entirely unexpected.

The idea of the X-babies meeting up with the characters of the late Star Comics is far better in concept than it is in execution. I should have known.

IDW's Doctor Who #5

Still, I have had my fill of ludicrousness with last weeks Marvel Zombies, so I am happy. Funnily enough, the reprint of Planet Terry’s first issue offered in X-Babies #2 as a back up strip was far more enjoyable than the story itself.

Realm Of Kings: Imperial Guard had a good start, even if the Guard were suddenly mysteriously at ease with following Gladiator’s Majestorship (oo, look, I made a word!). Nothing really happened in this issue, it was just a primer setting up the interpersonal politics and dropping the bombshell that a team is to probe into The Fault, alongside the Starjammers, who only appear on the final page. Still, it shows promise.

The only thing that surprised me in this issue is the characterisation of Hussar, who all of a sudden has revealed a kinder, more reasonable side to her personality. We’ve not seen that before, she had always seem to be cut from more bloodthirsty cloth.

But for my recommendation of the week, I’m going to depart from the Big Two, and look to IDW.

Now I have been a Whovian since I first learned to hide behind the sofa from pepperpots with sink-plungers sticking out of them. I followed the Doctors adventures when he was cast into the wilderness by the BBC and the license was picked up by Virgin. If you didn’t know, the eighth Doctor had quite the career in books and audio plays before the relaunch four years ago with Christopher Eccleston as the Time-Lord. I saw Gallifrey split into duplicates, and saw Faction Paradox learn how to break every law of time. You could say that on this I was a continuity buff, proudly wearing my anorak for no-one to see.

IDW’s Doctor Who series, now on its fifth issue brings together elements of both the original Doctor(s) and the relaunched version. In their current storyline, they have the Krillitane making a bid to dominate or overthrow the Shadow Proclamation with thelp of the rhino-headed Judoon, all newer elements; while the Sontarans, Draconians and the Ogrons are all caught in the crossfire. The latter two I don’t think we have seen since Jon Pertwee travelled the corridors of the Time Vortex.

In fact, the defeat of these other races at the hands of the Doctor in the past make them very unwilling allies in the current plot, and I love it. If you fondly remember the years of Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith (the first time around), then this is a series not to be missed.

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