State of the Multiverse 4

Well, it’s finally here, and it was well worth the wait.

`Of course I’m talking about the final chapter of Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds. And without gushing and revealing umpteen spoilers, all I can say is it was brilliant.

I have always loved the Legion, and to see Grant Morrison write a Legion story, with George Perez art no less, is enough to give this fanboy an earth-shaking geekgasm. That’s not even to mention the fact it is a team up between the 1980’s Earth One Legion, the Reboot Earth 247 Legion and the Threeboot Legion. (Just wait until you find out where they come from!)

Of course, we’re assuming it’s the Earth One Legion, but seeing how the mechanics have worked so far, I don’t think we can be so sure. Still, it’s a Legion each for the Super-Family, one for Superman, one for the Conner Kent Superboy, and one for Supergirl.

The series so far has been one massive slugfest, but this final issue more than makes up for it as the battle reaches its climax, and secrets are revealed. The nature of the Time Trapper is theorised upon in a way that makes lots of sense, an awesome change of direction for the White Witch and a glimpse of other Legions as well, including my favorite, the Five Years Later Legion. I know they got a raw deal in the reviews, but I always liked them, even the duplicate Batch SW6 Legion storyline, which after this issue, has the potential of making even more sense. Seeing the clean lines of the clean cut Legion is great, but I would hate to think that the Five Years Later Legion was simply forgotten and swept under the carpet. I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

Plus Earth Prime. Wanderers. Dawny and Wildstar finally professing their love for each other (I think I can reveal that one, but I really daren’t say anything else, almost anything I could comment on would be a spoiler). The destiny of Gates. How I’ve missed that little bug.

If you’ve ever been a Legion fan, then you HAVE to pick up this issue, if not the entire series. It’s too good to wait for the trade, and it has me really excited about the upcoming Adventure Comics series, coming August the 12th. I just hope it has plenty of Legion as well as Superboy, as some places have mentioned 8-10 pages.

Although in the style of the older stories, I’m sorry, 8-10 pages is just not enough. Three stories of that length, all Legion, now that would be fine but just one? C’mon, the Legion is far bigger than that. Nevertheless, it has to be said……….


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