State of the Multiverse 47

With the New Year fast approaching, Dan Didio spent a few moments answering questions this time by video on what some of DC’s plans are for 2010 – . I regret to say there was little to be

DNAgents - long due for a return.

impressed with.

No Kid Flash title. Nor, despite previous assurances that he was not going to be squeezed out, no strip for the Wally West Flash either, it will be Barry Allen all the way.

Which is great for Barry Allen fans, but we have spent the last twenty-five years following Wally, watching him grow as a person and as a hero. I only hope he will get a home in either the Justice League, or the Titans. And as for Bart, so far he appears to be fading away into comic-book limbo, never mind the promised revelations regarding Max Mercury.

Dan’s big announcement was that of the Earth-One graphic novels, to be released at the stunning rate of (drum roll) ……

Two a year.

That’s it. Two.

Although many of us will await them eagerly, that is not a rate that ill garner lots of interest. When I encounter a new universe, I want to know as much as possible, as quickly as possible. He equates Earth One as DC’s answer to the Ultimate Universe of Marvel, but part of Ultimate Marvels success, and Marvel Adventures for that matter, is the fact that these are monthly, that they continue to provide materials for the hungry fans to enjoy, thus maintaining the interest. No doubt these novels will do well through the book store market, but then so do all the other graphic novels and trade paper-backs. Does DC really need a whole new universe where the next issue is always six months away?

In the mean-time, the All-Star projects’ fate have yet to be decided. Okay, we are still waiting for All Star Batman’s final two issues, but I don’t know about you but I adored All Star Superman, and I would love to see more. As for All-Star Wonder Woman? Again, still in hiatus.

The integration of older universes into the mainstream DCU, such as Milestone, Red Circle (Archie) and the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents is more than welcome. However we have seen that separate universes can work – maybe not of the characters I just mentioned, but certainly a clone of the mainstream universe with a twist. How about Superman and the Mighty Crusaders? Batman and the Shadow Cabinet? Having all the appeal of the DCU but maintaining the world prominence of the associated heroes, such as the Crusaders et al.

Speaking of spin-off universes, with the success of Supreme Power, it was a shame to see the relaunch of the New Universe in Newuniversal disappear. How about a relaunch of the Ultraverse? Who owns the Protectors nowadays?

Aside from the Ultraverse, to relaunches I would love to see would be the DNAgents, and the Elementals. If DC are adopting characters left right and centre, how about these guys?

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