State of the Multiverse 5

I smell a mystery.

After reading the latest issue of Green Lantern, the first Blackest Night crossover, I think my admittedly minor fears regarding this summers crossover are put to rest. We see the Flash and Hal Jordan confronted by the Martian Manhunter, now a Black Lantern, and there was no sign of J’onn simply wanting to eat their brains. In fact, he sounded like himself. Admittedly a dead and angry version of himself, but his personality shone through, reminiscent of his latest mini series, where we really saw the aspect of his anger.

The clue I want to look for is what goes on with the Elongated Man and Sue Dibny. They were doing the Deadman thing, possessing various married couples to assist the Outsiders in their missions (at least I assume it was them), yet we see their corpses as Black Lanterns. What I want to know is do the Black Rings co-opt the spirits of their bearers, or simply the bodies and the personality traces left in the brain? I hope Ralph and Sue will give me the answer.

My other recommendation for today is the Superman family of titles, especially including the World Of New Krypton. This is a one of the best returns of Krypton I have read, combining all of the elements of the various Superman origins over the years. The bright colours of the sixties, the sterility of the Byrne version, and the recent militaristic incarnation, all combined as the various Guilds.

The new President of Krypton, Allura, is hurting after the assassination of her husband, Zor-El. Lucy Lane appears to have been drawn into the battle, gained Kryptonian powers, and died. Talk about throwing the family into chaos. We all know that General Zod is a villain, but could it be that Sam Lane is worse?

What I would like to see is if Zor-El is worthy of the Black Rings attention. Now that would confuse the mix even further. More to the point, it would be illogical if Zor-El didn’t rise.

In the face of the dead rising; that will come for Superman, for they have promised; I wonder just how long it is that Zod will remain apparently on the side of the angels. It could be for a very long time indeed.

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