State of the Multiverse 51

So finally the end of the Dark Reign is in sight. Erm, am I a traitor if I root for Asgard?

New Mutants #9, it's not what it appears.

Well, now we have it, the explanation of who the current Magik/Illyana is, and we discover the 2.0 version we now see comes without added Illyana. She is simply the Dark Chylde, resurrected and abandoned by Belasco, and claims she has no soul, only the body and mind of the deceased sister of Colossus.

Which begs the question, why did she even return to the X-Men fold? This is put to her by Emma Frost, and somehow I would have thought this confrontation would be more dramatic, yet it is almost as if they are simply sharing a nice cup of tea together. Even stranger, that a young girl would have the upper hand over the former headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy. Yet when asked about her absence after she left San Francisco, Illyana reveals that she had been searching for years for her Blood Stones (fragments of her soul conjured by Belasco) and when she had returned to the team, she had travelled back in time. The smile on her face as she offered Emma a peek into her mind seemed so mischievous, and as Emma discovered that it would have been by her own hand that Legion would finally have been defeated and slain, but only after he had destroyed most of the X-Men, this demonic creation comes up smelling of roses.

While Emma is left shaken to her core. Oh, Kitty would have been so proud.

The other comics to read this week – Siege: Embedded #1, and to my surprise, Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2.

Siege has finally kicked off, for which I am glad, because if I saw one more promo of it, then I would have been tempted to burn the lot of them. In the main story, even the President has finally realised that Norman is ‘out of control’. However, in the pages of Siege:Embedded, we see Ben Urich and an ex-colleague discover Volstagg and follow him for the story that will hopefully topple the new Osbourn empire.

What made the issue for me was the quick Glenn Beck parody, of a TV pundit whom Osbourn decided to recruit as he was so very positive about Norman’s policies. And I quote:

‘But this is a commercial break, and I need to be preparing for the next segment. I’m going to cry on camera. It takes some level of preparation.’

Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Absolutely priceless. Marvel, you are almost forgiven by that one act for your ‘Embrace Change’ flyers during election season.

My other recommendation of Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2, gives an insight into the events of Blackest Night #6, and Diana’s battle with Mera, the former wife (and Queen) of Aquaman, and with the Black Ring itself. Of course, Diana gets some divine assistance, but it gives quite the insight into what is going on with the ‘resurrected’ characters forced to bear the ring. I didn’t like the ending of Blackest Night #6, I mean just how many people do we need wearing these rings? However, this story goes to somewhat justify that. However, I am beginning to think that this crossover is dragging on for too long, and I am relieved to see that Siege is only a mere four issues. So finally the end of the Dark Reign is in sight. Just in time for the evils of the Fault in Realm of Kings, or the Elder Gods as heralded by the Dark Chylde to arrive. Mayhap they will be one and the same (although I rather doubt it.)

Erm, am I a traitor if I root for Asgard?

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