State of the Multiverse 55

Although I am embarrassed to admit it, I have been following the Power Girl title since it’s inception.

Dark Avengers #13 featuring the Sentry (and nothing to do with Siege whatsoever)

As I write this, I am a little under halfway through the weeks’ comics, and if you are one of those people that have to wait for Saturday to pick up your orders, then do I have a list of recommendations for you! This is a good week.

Although I am embarrassed to admit it, I have been following the Power Girl title since it’s inception. She is a character I like, and I love the dimensional twistiness that is her background. I was hoping for more of the same as seen in the first four issues of JSA Classified, and instead I found stories reminiscent of the JLI.

Having said that, the latest issue was a hoot. Featuring what I think is the third iteration of Vartox (because there was a post-crisis version that was slave to Brainiac if I recall correctly), Power Girl has been subjected to a rather macho chauvinist courtship as Vartox’ entire civilisation has been rendered sterile. Vartox is not prepared for Power Girl’s erm, complexity, a word rarely used about Kara so you can see what level he is operating on.

There are moments in here that made me laugh out loud! Power Girl’s put downs are somewhat expected, but funny nonetheless, and the best part of the story?

The Pregno-ray.

You heard it here first. Do not miss the unveiling of the Pregno-ray. Technology this amazing has not been seen since the invention of the Snuggie!

On a more serious note I highly recommend you pick up Dark Avengers #13, here we take a break from Siege and find out the true origin of the Sentry, and find out the story of his marriage to Lindy. Then again, I think this boy is about to prove himself a hero finally. Well, half of him anyway. Lindy reveals all, and it is nice to see the Sentry fleshed out so much, in a manner that makes a great deal of sense. I do not want to give away any spoilers, but I can reveal it is suggested that Bob Reynolds conspired to have himself forgotten in the first place.

My final Marvel recommendation is Dark Wolverine #82. I was not that interested in Daken when he first appeared, but events in this issue make it appear that the Wolverine knock-off is going to be more important in the fall of Norman Osbourne than I ever would have imagined.

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