State of the Multiverse 62

Someone who empathises with Deadpool is in control of the Marvel Universe? I fear for us all.

Doom's victims, and that will just be the start.

So this week sees the commencement of the Doom War, which I have been forward to for some time. Let’s face it, Doom has been fairly active recently, in the pages of Thor, Doctor Voodoo and Black Panther, aside from his infrequent influence as part of the Dark Reign Cabal and his dumping of the Intelligentsia in the Fall Of The Hulks.

Busy boy!

This seems the perfect time for him to act, what with the majority of the Avengers and Asgardians caught up in the events of the Siege,and the various gamma-spawned Hulks similarly caught up in their own business.

If you want to know some of the background of the Doom/Namor/T’Challa triad, this dates back to the halcyon days of Super-Villain Team-Up, and issues of the Defenders. There has long been a power-play between the three of them, alliances made and betrayed with no small regularity. You would think that by now they would all know better, but as ever Doom’s ambition knows no bounds.

I try not to read the advance solicitations that often as I prefer the issues to be a surprise, although I confess that on a number of occasions that I have read them and made assumptions about what to expect, I have been amusingly wrong.

I like the fact that Doom War is not between countries, but between people. Nary a hero has escaped his malicious actions, and it is way beyond time that everyone got together and handed him his head. Still, it’s a curious cast. The FF and the X-Men make sense, but Deadpool? In that crew? Now that is something I will have to see.

What scares me most is a comment I read from the writer of this series, Black Panther’s Jonathan Mayberry, in an interview on Comic Book Resources.

Deadpool is uncomfortably close to me at times. He’s a smartass, he has an inner life that’s weirdly interactive, and he loves a good fight. Back in my younger days, when I was a tournament competitor in full-contact martial arts and later as a bodyguard, I was known for a deeply inappropriate sense of humor during the most stressful times. People told me that I’d be cracking jokes on the way to the hospital with an icepick sticking out of my stomach – joking with the guy who did it, who was strapped to a gurney in the same ambulance with all the broken bones I’d given him. So – Deadpool – yeah, I get him.

Although we expect our writers to have an understanding of the characters they write, someone who empathises with Deadpool is in control of the Marvel Universe? I fear for us all.

Against my better judgement, I have recently been reading Deadpool, a character I avoided for years, and I admit now, I was wrong. If you haven’t looked at Deadpool Team-Up, I highly recommend it.

In the meantime, let’s sit back and watch Doom get trashed. Well, for the time being at least.

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