The new tentpole question I use to gauge if I like someone right away is: do you like Stranger Things? If they’ve seen it and like it, insta-best friend status and if they haven’t seen it yet, they get a pass. But if they tell me no, I just walk away. I walk right the hell away. I want nothing to do with people who do not know how fantastic this show is. And one of the things that snared us so early was the title screen, th soundtrack, and the font they used (which, by the way, is called ITC Benguiat and was used because it was the main font used on most of Stephen King’s 80’s work, as seen below):


But that is not what we are here to talk about. We are here to talk about this Stranger Things font generator that lets you make any phrases, names, or words you want into the Stranger Things intro. Heck, I even made one about how we ALL feel about that intro, but edited it for family viewing:

wanna fckDon’t even act like I am not right. That score and the way the letters came together just did something to our bathing suit areas. I will warn you now, though. The generator is super addictive (like the show itself) and you will tell yourself you will make just “one” more about two hours and 50 pictures later. Trust me.

It is as deep as any rabbit hole on the show, and you all know how deep some of those went.

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