The Stranger Things universe has gifted fans with numerous powerful antagonists throughout the show. But here’s why fans think the biggest villain of the show may have a redemption arc left.

The countdown for Stranger Things season 5 has started and viewers are aware that the final season of the show will be like no other. As the Upside Down inch towards gulping down Hawkins, El, and her friends need to find a way to save their town before it becomes a permanent home for Vecna. But what if there’s a major plot twist that changes the narrative of the show? Let’s find out!

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler and Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in STRANGER THINGS
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Stranger Things villain’s forgotten ‘humanity’ can serve season 5 plot twist

There is no debate that Vecna has emerged as the biggest antagonist of Stranger Things. But as per Vecna’s origin story, the character had to go through a lot of childhood trauma to reach where he is. Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna in the show talked about how Vecna has more humanity than any other character. So it could be a major plot twist if Vecna finds an arc to redemption in the next season.

explaining the psyche of the character, Jamie said in an interview: “He grew up in an environment where his father murdered a villain and a civilian family on the orders of people he never knew, who were presenting themselves as these upstanding citizens,” adding, “In whose eyes are they upstanding? I’m still angry about it now!”

 (L to R) Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna in STRANGER THINGS
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Vecna’s consciousness controlling the hive mind

As per Stranger Things season 4, Henry is the one controlling mind. A fan theorized, “Henry is the sentient consciousness controlling the particles’ hive mind so our main characters need to understand him and his psyche in order to try and make him stop using Dimension X organisms to take over our dimension. By “if there’s still any humanity left in him” Matt was probably hinting at the idea of the characters planning to stop the Upside Down without killing/defeating Henry, but I doubt they’ll be able to make him shift his thinking/plans.”

So Henry getting back his humanity and changing for the better could be a more emotional ending and shape the plot in a different way than fans imagined.

Is Vecna truly in control?

Another theory suggests that instead of Vecna, the Mindflayer could be actually in control, so that could also serve the plot twist that viewers will not necessarily predict. Be it Mindflayer or Vecna, there is no doubt that saving Hawkins will not be an easy task as we anticipate the biggest battle of Stranger Things to take place in season 5.

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