Strangest Things: Stranger Things Season 2 Speculation

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^ That is how awesome Stranger Things is. It makes us believe the impossible and stretches the bounds of our imaginations to places we hadn’t stretched it to in years. Though it looks like we will be waiting until Halloween of 2017 for Stranger Things season 2, they have already dropped a new teaser trailer and  Super Bowl Ad  and there are some amazing moments flashed and ‘teased’ to us that seem to promise a season two that looks even bigger and better than the first season, which will be very difficult to top. So here I go, rambling like a muppet on cocaine about the moments I loved whilst speculating away about Stranger Things season two based solely on that tiny teaser trailers and my own geek fandom. Spoiler alert, but only if any of these come true, so kind of not really a spoiler alert at all but more geek speculation.

That Eggo Teaser

Anyone who watched season one of this show knows it loved it some waffles. Eggo to be exact. so when the trailer for season two opens up as an actual, old-school Eggo waffle ad (Leggo my Eggo!) you know that this show is still on fuego and they know their core fans quite well. It was like an unburied Easter Egg to start the whole process off and it felt just right, putting a smile on my face and reminding me of Eleven’s favorite food (and hell, one of mine, I got blueberry in my freezer right now and I am a grown ass man).

Also, 90% sure that is a young Amy Schumer (it’s not) and the douchey big brother from Wonder Years (it IS) in that Eggo clip.

The Ghostbusters Outfits

With the new season looking to take place upon a follow up timeline to where the story ended last time (Christmas), looks like we join up with the gang around Halloween and wouldn’t you know it (and very appropriately) they are dressed up as the Ghostbusters. Yes, the originals, this show takes place in the 80’s you misogynists.

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But regardless, for a group of kids who play D&D and fight actual demons from other dimensions (or at least ONE) to dress up as Ghostbusters is really fitting (and may even be a foreshadowing of some sort though I won’t dare go deeper than saying that). But man, if seeing Dustin dressed up as a Ghostbuster does not make you smile, you may not have a soul (or may just have cleidocranial dysplasia like the character AND actor).

THIS F*cking Thing

We all know that this show pays homage to 80’s stuff and Spielberg a LOT, and we all know J.J Abrams is Spielberg 2.0, so we see this giant Cloverfield motherfucker in the trailer and it gives us goosebumps. Chances are that it is a vision or dream, but some are speculating amongst themselves that this creature may very well be the Thessalhydra mentioned in the D&D campaigns in the first season. It’s not but speculating is fun, it really is.

Regardless of any speculation, seeing the hastily drawn creature and then flashes of the actual thing was mind-blowing to say the least. It is one thing fighting a creature that is somewhat human sized and looks like a bad guy from The Last of Us (like the demogorgon from season 1), but this thing is some other-level shit. I didn’t think our squad would be facing creatures of that scope yet, but that is what rocks about this show. We have no way of knowing where it is going, we just know we want to be on that ride.

(Side note, the creature may be called the Pollywog hinted at in first trailer, but we will have to wait and see).

Eleven’s Powers Growing

One thing we know will happen, Eleven is clearly still alive (no, I do not call her Elle, I do not know her well enough IRL) and though we do not know the true scope of her power, we have seen her make a kid fly and do a bunch of other badass, Jedi shit, so for us to assume that Jedi shit will not evolve would just make an ass out of you and me.

Question is, just what is she TRULY capable of and do those powers pose a threat to mankind? Guess we will have to wait awhile to know, but it already looks like season 2 packs a punch. And based on real life, Eleven will be capable of some awesome badassery.


That little girl is THE SHIT in real life, no joke.

So what aspect of Stranger Things season two are you most excited about?

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