Street Fighter II the Movie: Uncut

Chun-Li’s boobs, worth another $20 bucks?

As reported over at IGN, for the first time in America, the completely uncut version of Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie will be released on DVD. The DVD will boast not only the original uncut version of the film, but optional English and Japanese language and soundtracks.

A bit of history; when Street Fighter II the Animated Movie was originally released on VHS in America, there were two versions made available. You could choose between the PG-13 cut (in a yellow video sleeve) or an “unrated” cut (in a red video sleeve). However, despite tacking the word “Unrated” onto the video box, the movie was actually edited in one place: Chun-Li’s shower scene. The brief nudity shown was removed for the “Unrated” US cut, much to the dismay of lonely Street Fighter Fanboys all over the country.

Aside from the nudity and the obvious languages, the only other major difference between the Japanese release of Street Fighter II the Animated Movie and the US release is the soundtrack. The Japanese version contained a very weak and frail Kasio Keyboard-quality score of “ballet” music, which sucked the life out of many fights and just didn’t fit at all. Meanwhile, the American soundtrack pumped in hardcore rock n’ roll to breath in an extra manic pace to all the action sequences. While some of the voice acting in the US version may be sketchy, I greatly prefer the the English version.

You can read my review of the movie right here, if you want a little more plot and character info.

Overall, I’m not sure if I’m going to get this DVD or not. I have the US “unrated” version on DVD already and I never liked the Japanese version. So all I’m missing is Chun-Li’s boobs…and Hell, if I ever wanna see those I can just use the internet.

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