Stunning, massive, Transformer characters made from scrapmetal

Transformers toys and the cartoon were some of my favorite things.  I was infatuated with Optimus Prime and other “good” Transformers, along with the “evil” Decepticons.

In conjunction with my Transformer adoration, so too I now adore the creations of a Chinese gentlemen, Yang Junlin of Huizhou, referring to himself as the ‘steel legend’.

Prior to creating a super awesome army of Transformers from scrap metal, ‘steel legend’ fashioned an equally excellent scrap metal Megatron tank.

Created at his “Legend of Iron” factory, opened in 2006 after retiring from the army, Yang became inspired to create his metal masterpieces after attending an exhibition featuring displays of steel sculptures.

The sculptures he saw, mostly simple human figures created from twisted metal wire, impressed him to the point that he began crafting his very own steel creations.

Fast forward a year and Yang Junlin opened his own factory, Legend of Iron, hiring more than10 workers to help him realize his dream of building cool robot sculptures.

Yang Junlin’s team uses all sorts of scrap metal, ranging from old car parts to sheets of steel to manufacture pieces like those in his Transformers collection.

Admitting that the work is time-consuming, Yang, to date, has constructed over 1,000 iron sculptures since his shop opened.

Want to see more?  Check out the other Transformers created by Yang here.

Are you a fan of Transformers?  Would one of Yang’s gigantic metal Transformers be something you’d like to purchase?

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