Suicide Squad Hinted That Harley "Killed" Robin

Suicide Squad had some really interesting implications about the DCU canon and I feel like fans need to know, because it feels like this will be a storyline that may come back around now that Harley Quinn is an official member of the DC cinematic Universe (and frankly, the best thing about it right now).

In the classic Batman comic when Robin (Jason Todd) was killed, beaten to death, and blown up by Robin ), which we all kind of know happened before this new timeline because for some masochistic or sadistic reason, Batfleck has the Robin costume with spray paint on it as a “memorial(?) to Robin still displayed in the batcave. So we come into new DCU thinking, okay they killed Jason Todd earlier. Granted, why they kept one of the most disturbing Batman storylines off the screen makes no sense, but this is DC. They just announced Justice League Dark. Nothing they do makes sense to us right now.
But, let’s talk details.
In the Suicide Squad movie they showed us a file of why Harley Quinn was in prison, and if you blink, you missed it. But if you are an supernerd like me, you freeze framed it in your head and saw that she was in jail for, wait for it, THE DEATH OF JASON TODD.
Wait, WHAT?
Now the ONLY thing that makes sense to me about this choice is, maybe that was how this Joker made her prove herself to him (which we saw as a part of the dynamic of their twisted relationship) or maybe, just maybe, she took the fall for her “puddin”.
But either way, it is not the canon we know, and we have no idea why they are going in the directions they are, but it felt pertinent to tell you all. Harley either killed Robin or took the fall, but either way, this is not the Batman canon as we know it.
Equal parts scared and intrigued to see where they go with it next.
(Hint, give us a prequel with only Harley and Joker and tell us THAT exact story, you would make millions) and make sure that this Jason Todd is a kid, so it really messes with our heads.
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