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Quentin Tarantino's "SUICIDE SQUAD" (Parody)

Suicide Squad has reached an apex of hype, which is great because it is releasing in a week and we can finally tell people (and ourselves) if it is worth all the hype or if Suicide Squad goes the way of Dawn of Justice. Keep in mind, it looks stellar and like great fun, but let’s take a moment to wonder what the film would be like if Quentin Tarantino got his hands on the wheel for it?

We know Tarantino’s work is bloody and visceral and character driven, so it actually looks like his wild style of filmmaking would lend itself well to this kind of movie. We also know Tarantino is way too pretentious to actually ever make a comic book film, so maybe this fake Suicide Squad trailer is the closest we will ever actually get to Tarantino making a superhero movie.

Well, they are super villains in Suicide Squad, so come to think of it, maybe he would be down for something like that. Thing is, you know the movie would have a hard R rating if he directed it, and we know only Deadpool (for some reason) is allowed to be the R-rated superhero, so I guess for now, this fake trailer is all we have.

But man, LootCrate Productions did a phenomenal job capturing the look and feel of Tarantino movies for this fake Suicide Squad trailer edit. Very well done guys. I will see this movie regardless, but part of me really wants to see THIS version now, too.

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