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This-a Super Mario Question Block Money Box Could Be-a Yours!

Don’t you just hate it when you spend hours jumping on turtles and trudging through fiery dungeon hell pits just to be told that your “princess” is in another castle? To heck with that! Bowser/King Koopa can have Peach! At least you got the coins, right? You’ll need a place to store them, though, which is why the Super Mario Question Block Money Box is now a thing.

No matter what age you are (unless you’re a technologically illiterate boomer), you’ve probably come across those Super Mario Question Blocks. They provide a completionist’s respite in a game which is a lot stressful than it should be. That’s why the folks at Vat19 are giving you the chance to have your own Super Mario Question Block Money Box.

For $18, you could have the fanciest pop culture piggy bank ever! Except it’s even better than a traditional and fragile piggy bank. The Super Mario Question Block Money Box is an officially licensed Nintendo merchandise made out of sturdy sheet metal. It’s mostly a coin bank but nothing’s stopping you from slipping in some paper bills.

The better part? The said coin bank plays the official coin collection sound from the Super Mario games you have grown to love (or had nightmares about). Here’s a demo:


Now you can finally save enough money to buy your own castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Maybe then Peach will finally decide to stop running away… oops, scratch that last part. Anyway, the Question Block Money Box is a fun and more rewarding way to teach yourself or your kids to hoard save money.

You can even play a game with it! Drop a coin every time you pick up a coin in Super Mario Bros. 

Save up for that special 1-UP with this coin bank.

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