How to Get Married the Super Mario Way

Super Mario Wedding Invite

Talk about a cool couple getting together to produce even cooler offspring. (We hope!)

Even a blind person can see that that is a Super Mario wedding invitation! Now don’t get overexcited – although I would totally understand if you do get all worked up. After all, with all the boring and sickeningly sappy wedding invitations that you see today, this Super Mario wedding invitation is a sight for sore eyes.

The invitation was designed by Larry Quach, for his friends Esther and Ryan. If you were a friend of the couple, this is what you would get in the mail.

Super Mario Wedding Invitation Envelope

The actual invite – a game cartridge – is encased in a jacket, which is placed inside the envelope. I bet the couple’s friends had never been as happy to open up a wedding invitation! Opening up the actual cartridge is even better.

Super Mario Wedding Invitation - Open

I suggest that you take a closer look at that image. You will then see the details that Quach has included. The bride’s last name, as well as the groom’s in place of the official logos. The work that went into these wedding invitations is awesome! Take a look at the back of the cartridge.

Super Mario Wedding Invitation - Back

I love the last warning, which reads “Do have and hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till game over do us part.”
The invites also have cards included which hold various info needed by the guests. Here’s a sample.

Super Mario Wedding Invitation - Cards

More than creating the invites, Quach also made wedding favors for the guests. I think he really outdid himself with these. Here’s the box.

Super Mario Wedding Favors - Box

So each guest gets one box, and when they open it up, they see this.

Super Mario Wedding Favors - Open

It gets better! Under the card, you get what everyone who has ever played Super Mario wants.

Super Mario Wedding Favors Coins

That is so cool that it’s almost enough to make one want to get married. Almost.

See more photos in Larry Quach’s blog.

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