Super Paper Mario (Wii) Review

Super Paper Mario is a hard game to describe. It’s sort of a Platformer/RPG hybrid type thing…but really, it’s a unique gameplay experience that is incredibly fun to play.

For those of you that may not be familiar with the “Paper Mario” franchise…it started out back on the N64 in 2001. Later, a Gamecube sequel “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door” continued the adventures of the 2-D, paper thin version of everyone’s favorite plumber. Both of those games were more RPG focused, and featured advanced battling systems that are a stable of the RPG genre.

Super Paper Mario takes things in a new direction, while still staying true to the roots of the previous games. The 2 major changes this time are the real-time, platform game like, battles, and the ability to slip into the 3rd dimension at will. These changes in the games structure make for a totally new playing experience that I have a hard time classifying as anything other than “fun”.

What’s not so fun about the game, however, is all the reading that you have to go through to actually get to the gameplay. The first time you fire this bad-boy up, you should expect to go through roughly 20 minutes of text based exposition before you even get to play. Unfortunately, this is going to turn off younger gamers because there is simply too much reading that has to be done before you can play the game.

Having said that, the text is all very well written, and very funny. The Nintendo America translation team has done an exceptional job with this title, and it is almost as entertaining a read as it is a game.

When the game begins you are only able to play as Mario, but as the story continues, you will eventually add Bowser and Princess Peach to your party…although they are only useful in short bursts…they make a nice addition to the gameplay mechanics….but since the game is called “Super Paper Mario”, and not “Super Paper Mario, Super Paper Princess Peach, and Super Paper Bowser”, I’m not terribly bothered by the other characters limited usefulness.

The game is also surprisingly challenging, with the complexity of the puzzles involved increasing substantially as you make your way through the game. If you like a good, challenging and fun title, you’re going to love this thing.

Final Thoughts

Super Paper Mario has only one major flaw that I find distracting, and that’s the enormous amount of text you have to read to make your way through the game. If you can deal with that one aspect, then the rest of the game is an absolute blast, and a MUST BUY for any Nintendo fan.

The graphics are beautiful in 2-D mode, and not bad in the 3-D environments (although a little sparse at times), and the gameplay is top-notch.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

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