Superman Auctioned His Truck For Charity, And You Can Too.

Of course there isn’t really a Superman – on this earth – but that didn’t stop him from helping homeless families. The premiere of the 2013 movie “Man of Steel” was notable off-screen for its amazing promotional Dodge Ram 2500 which was custom-built for the premiere. The truck was modified with details unique to Superman and was an effective cross-promotion with the Dodge Ram featured in the movie. It was as if the ordinary vehicle in the movie had put on Superman’s costume.

Superman’s truck included his blue and red color scheme and a patterned wrap that gave it the appearance of having the texture of the costume actor Henry Cavill wore in the film. The iconic Superman shield was used as decoration throughout the vehicle, including the grill ornament, where you would normally expect to see the familiar Ram logo.

After the premiere, the Dodge Ram went on to be a superhero in its own way. The vehicle was auctioned off through the website CharityBuzz to support L.A. Family Housing in its effort to transition homeless families into safe, affordable housing. If you have a cause that you wish to support you can follow the example of The Man of Steel and auction your old car for the charity of your choice.

Other Heroes Get In On The Action

Superman isn’t the only superhero who had the idea to help charity by auctioning off his wheels. There was at least one other caped crusader who would not be outmatched. Last year the original Batmobile from the 1966 Batman series was auctioned off for charity to the tune of $4.6 million.

Celebrity car auctions in general can have an amazing impact on the lives of others, providing a level of funding that would not be possible through any other means. The 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car was unique even before it was purchased by George Barris and transformed (with a $15,000 budget in 1966 dollars) into the iconic vehicle that remains the single more recognizable vehicle of any fictional character. In case you are wondering, the winning bid was not placed by millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

You don’t need a fancy cape or superpowers to make a difference. The truth is that a wide variety of celebrities have contributed to charity auctions, including actor Paul Walker, celeb judge Simon Cowell, and KISS front man Gene Simmons. While celebrity star power can help to lead to higher bids and larger proceeds to charity, every little bit helps the cause of your choice.

Preparing a Car For Auction

There is a great deal of good you can do with a simple charity auction. If you have an unused but eye-catching vehicle you can make a big difference in the lives of others. If you want to auction your vehicle for a charity in the near future here’s what you can do. 

  • Garage the vehicle: If you are able, keep your vehicle in the garage as much as possible. The elements and other hazards can take a toll and the more that the car is protected the more it will earn for your charity
  • Drive carefully: If you do have to drive, baby your car or truck a little more than usual. Wear and tear lowers resale value and can similarly lead to depressing auction prices.
  • Wrap it up: Make your car unique and protect its original paint finish at the same time. You can theme it after your favorite hero, or just get a stunning chrome or satin vinyl wrap to make your car stand out from the crowd.

You may not be able to fly or have super strength, but follow these simple guidelines and you too can be a superhero to those who need help the most.

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