Surprising (and Unsurprising) Items That Can Make Your Lifestyle Way Better

We’d all love to live in that perfect world where we could simply sack off all our regular chores and live a life of dedication to the internet, streaming out favourite TV shows and listening to our favourite albums all day long. The fact is, however, that that’s simply not possible. At least if you’re not a trust-fund baby or have a dedicated team of carers and wealth managers that take care of all of life’s stressors for you.

But what if you could improve your lifestyle, free up your time and otherwise be more efficient in the management of such chores by simply investing in a smart series of appliances or objects? Here we take a look at a few of them, all which offer the sunny promise of making your lifestyle a heck of a lot better.

The more unusual…

Heated Butter Knife


Who knew that a heated butter knife could bring so much joy to your life and save you from all the hollering and swearing that follows the usual impossible act of cutting something hard like butter when all you desperately want to eat is a piece of toast? Now it’s all yours, thanks to the handy invention and constant evolution of household appliances that combine two things with one (in this case a heater and knife).

Washing Machines


Chances are you know nothing about how to repair a washing machine but are even less keen to indulge in the weekly chore of heading down to your local laundrette to start rinsing and drying the tattered remnants of a wardrobe once worth being proud of. Investing in a sturdy washing machine then is definitely a surprising item that can help make your lifestyle several times better. Not only do you not have to leave your house to get your pants clean but you can also save time by doing more productive things in the meantime while you wait. Like cleaning your room or kitchen for instance. Or doing some other undesirable task you’ve been putting off for ages.


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Scrap Tap


Cutting things in the kitchen and then letting the debris fall all over the floor is usually the way you cook and prepare food right? Hardly economical in terms of cleanliness and you’re only making more work for yourself in terms of vacuum cleaning and sweeping too. Now though, thanks to the handy scrap tap that affixes on kitchen counter stations, you can just sweep all the little left-overs into the container and then collect them in the garbage can later.


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Multi-Bladed Scissors


Scissors are something you probably find yourself using more than you expect. You cut open packaging with them and make handy new stuff with them, all the time hardly noticing the extreme versatility they offer as a household item. Multi-bladed scissors however, which combine different blade sizes in one item, make cutting all the things you desperately need to cut way more useful and safer too. Great for saving time cutting hair, opening annoying plastic wraps and shaving herbs and spices for your kitchen experiments.

And the more usual…

Double-Doored Fridge


Storing as much food in your fridge without it bursting out and having water leak everywhere can now be a thing of the past if only you choose to opt for the handy double-door fridges that now find themselves on the market. Open up from both sides and now you have something quick to access and more roomy to cram things into. Double win.

So there you have it. The perfect combination of the obvious and not so obvious things that can help make your lifestyle a lot better.


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