Swiss Knife And USB Stick In One

Ahh, guys, I am torn. Earlier, I wrote about the LED Binary Wristwatch that we are (were?) going to give our dad for Father’s Day. I thought that no one could top that gift idea. Then I saw this (yep, take a look at that photo on the right).

The Swiss Flash USB Knife. The first thing that entered my mind when I saw this beauty over at Think Geek: MacGyver is back with a vengeance! With this gadget, MacGyver can take over the world of high tech computers!

You might think that I am overreacting but you have to understand this: growing up, our dad always had a Swiss Knife with him. We even called him MacGyver, seriously. Last month, he went on a vacation with my mom and unfortunately, the people at some provincial airport decided to confiscate his Swiss Knife. Bummer, right? I say, this knife/USB stick is the perfect replacement!

It takes the old concept of a Swiss Knife to a whole new level by putting together various tools that are necessary for survival in this modern world: USB flash drive, LED light, Swiss Army knife, and ballpoint pen. And this is not just for show, mind you. The superior quality that this brand has always been known for is still there.

For $39.99 to $69.99, this baby is well worth it, don’t you think? It comes in 1G, 2G, and 4G by the way; and only the 1G is in stock for now.

Parting note: which is a cooler gift – the watch or this one?

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