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T-Rex Lightning Bolt is New Coolest Picture Ever

I always thought a regular T-Rex was about as badass as it got (it being all things in general), then I saw the above photo of my definition of badass was forever altered. That bolt of lightning is so badass, in fact, I would have been honored to die by its electric bite.

Too much? Sorry. No, you know what? I’m not.

Now before anyone screams out B.S about this photo, you kind of can’t. It was posted via the U.S Dept of Interior, so the likelihood of it being ‘shopped is hovering at about 0000.2%. The real story behind this amazing T-Rex shaped lightning bolt is pretty simple, actually. It is a bolt of lightning that was captured on film over Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park (I wonder if it was petrified of dinosaurs? No, another bad joke? Okay, I’ll stop now) and the bolt just happened to be strikingly (HAHAHAHA, I can’t stop) similar to the shape of a T-Tex.

Rumors are swirling that there may have also been a Whoopi Goldberg shaped strike not long after. I know no one will get this last joke, so I will give you all a visual aid to guide you along.

Yes, this is a real movie, much like the above lightning strike is real. Difference being, the above lightning strike is badass. This movie is just straight ass. Man, I am on fire. It is like I was struck by a T-rex shaped bolt of lightning, but we ALL know those don’t exist.

Wait, what?

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