T-Shirts Every Geek Should Have. Perfect Geeky Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is creeping in on us and what to be your favorite geek? Geek have a weekness other than gizmos and cubicle war weapons: t-shirts. You can find lots of schwag given away by online brands, but many geeks prefer to be more original and show their true nature with nerdy t-shirts.
As a big fan of Questionable Content I often must smirk at the simple, but oh so nerdy tees Jacques draws for his comic. Obviously, with many years in IT and as FT internet nerd, I also have a considerable amount of geek T-Shirts.

What follows is a list of geek tees every nerd should have, a list of perfect geek gifts for your valentine’s nerd!

(All the names of the T-shirts are clickable and start the lightbox gallery. You can browse every T-shirt in the gallery.)

Internet LULZ

  • I’m tweeting this. The new hype, I’m so blogging this is for traditionalists, today you have to tweet that! Preferably with Twitpic too! (via Think Geek)
  • ROFLCOPTER When text speak meets ASCII art meets internet LULZ. (via Think Geek)
  • I am logged in, therefore I am, internet psychology. The “Cogito, ergo sum” of the 21st century. (via zazzle)
  • University of STFU. Often you want to tell your less scientific and geeky friends to RTFM, but those who just don’t learn when to ask questions or those who always are being loud, dumb and entertaining they need a more direct language and might have to attend the University of Shut The F**k Up!. (via Think Geek)
  • OMG 1337 Eye Chart. Test your eyes with this 133t eye chart. (via zazzle)

Science Tees

IT T-Shirts

  • There’s no place like For the system administrator there’s no place like home. (via Think Geek)
  • System administrators our a special kind of species with lots of attitude… and lots of power. Imagine how they can annoy you when they decide to throttle your bandwith at work or worse even restrict your internet access. Therefore they also like to show off their superiority with shirts like this Bow before me model. (via Think Geek)
  • Pwned by an admin. Go away or I’ll replace you with a very small shell shell script t-shirt. The sysadmin might not have been to the University of STFU, but will pwn you with his h4x0r skillz! (via Think Geek)
  • Design

    • I know HTML. We all know the routine: you start a blog on blogspot. Discover that you can uglify the colors of the standard blogspot templates and because you are unemployed suddenly you decide to start your home design studio! You think this tee is for you, but wrong, it’s all in the small print! (via zazzle)
    • *Personal Favorite!* The awesome Hel-F**king-Vetica shirt for typography nerds is made by noone less than design guru and head of the design director of the NYT Online Khoi Vinh and is an absolute must have!(at Wire & Twine)
    • *Personal Favorite!* Keming, the result of improper kerning by David Friedman. (from zazzle)
    • #FFFFFF. Somehow the display of this T-Shirt seems incorrect to me. Find the error? (via zazzle)


    • *Personal Favorite!* Zombies ate my brain. A great design by Dave from Blogography. I don’t know if this T-shirt is till available because Dave launches every year a special design for his blogiversary, but it’s definitely worth it. What can a geek want more? Zombies AND a monkey!
      Check out A little Geeky to see another example of Dave’s awesome art. (at Artificial Duck & Co.)
    • Timmy The Monkey. Monkeys rule the world! Suffice it to say that to a geek, coder, designer or tech-head, a monkey is one’s muse. The creative force behind all killer code, l33t h4ck5, usable designs, and all around cool stuff. If you don’t have a monkey of your own, try out the Timmy the Monkey t-shirt. (via Think Geek)
    • Your Chimpnazeeness May Vary, but we are honest and admit it. 98%! (via Think Geek)

    Gamerz t-shirts

    Various Shirts

    • A mashup of robots and King Kong, Robot-Kong shirt definitely deserves a spot in your wardrobe and is a perfect geek valentine gift. (via Anonymous Venice)
    • Is there a better way to be green than with this recycling t-shirt? (via CafePress)
    • Exploded iPhone shirt, an almost instant classic when released. Displayed in pink to fend of the feminists! (via CafePress)
    • *Personal Favorite!* If you thought you wanted the previous -tshirt, wait a second and check out this awesome iPhone as designed by Leonardo t-shirt. The iPhone steampunked… on a t-shirt.. (via iSteamphone).
    • It isn’t all iPhone though, apparently the Google Android platform seems to be popular too and how better to show off your preferred mobile platform than by wearing this Android hoodie? (via zazzle)
    • Last but not least, what would any list be without at least one Star Wars shirt? Although there are many, Yoda is everyone’s favorite and therefore you absolutely need this Yoda t-shirt for your collection. (via zazzle)

    I am aware of that this list isn’t complete at all, but now you should now what t-shirts most geeks love. I have left the binary classic There are only 10 kind of people… out on person because I can think of at least 10 people who don’t understand it but have that shirt. Suck it!

    Also watch out for our upcoming Valentine Gifts for Your Geek special next week.

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