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Enhance Your Tabletop Gaming Nights With Coins of the Forge Candles

We’re suckers for scents, whether candles or diffusers; and when it comes to tabletop gaming, well…you know how that goes.

Now, put those two together, and we’ve got a winning combo.

Earlier this year, we gave away a pack of scented orbs from Adventure Scents, which added a new dimension to your gaming – the stench of trolls and the enchanting aroma of a magical forest to name a few.

But we’re always on the lookout for these kinds of things, and we’re here to treat you to tabletop gaming accessories that will tickle your noses pink (well, some of them).

Enter Coins of the Forge Candle Set with Embedded Metal Coins.

They got me at candles, really, but I have to admit that the embedded metal coins stirred up the 1/nth part pirate in me.

They’ve got 5 candle types, each one with RPG coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. You’ve got to exercise a little patience before you can get to those coins, though, as they are embedded in the candles, and you can only fish them out when the wax has melted.

Dwarf (golden yellow; smells like steel, amber, sandalwood)

Sci-Fi (purple; smells cool, icy, and metallic)

Zombie (gray; smells like fresh grave dirt and roses – gawd, just reading that made my stomach turn!)

Pirate (blue; smells like salt water and sea air)

Steampunk (burgundy; smells like absinthe and lavender)

No one is his right mind would say no to these.

The candles are still in development so the exact scents may vary but the concept is solid. If you want your tabletop gaming nights to take on a fresh (or, in the case of zombies, rotten) aura, then make sure you get a set or two of Coins of the Forge Candles.

In other news: The Beauty of Turn-Based Combat: What Happened To The JRPG?

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