Pimp My MacBook

Seen yesterday at the Manchester Arndale Apple Store. This really makes me want to laser etch my unibody MacBook

Apple iLife 09

There’s no doubt that iLife is one of the best apps available on the Mac platform, yet it’s probably one of the few pieces of

The Gurus vs. The Genius Bar

Apple Stores would soon compete with Microsoft Stores with Microsoft announcing the thrust to open Microsoft Stores in the following months world wide.  This effort

Wireless bluetooth webcam for the Mac

I am aware of how useful the iSight Mac webcam is, I believe Mac computers pioneered the embedded webcam feature on notebook computers that it

The iCarta iPod Dock

This is real, no joke at all! Just before I hit the sack I tried pulling up Amazon.com to see what is there I can

Apple celebrates 25th year of Mac

Apple is currently going through some relatively tough times right now with Steve Jobs decision to temporarily step down as CEO to address the health

New Macbooks running out

So what else is new? After Apple announced new Macbooks and Macbook Pros a few days ago, reports are that the new models are running

Apple announces revamped iPod line

Apple’s Let’s Rock event has finished and Steve Jobs did not disappoint in announcing new revamps in its mammoth bestseller iPod line. The announcements have