State of the Multiverse 69

I sincerely hope this is not the last we have seen of the Dark X-Men. They need a few more members, but they must not fade away, they have too much potential. Are you listening Marvel?

State of the Multiverse 68

It looks like Marvel have been listening to me, and my love of the 8-page story format, as once the Dark Reign draws to a close in the Siege of Asgard, we launch into the Heroic Age.

State of the Multiverse 43

In this new age of technology, surely those of us who wish to dispense with paper, or even just make room for an expanding family, deserve an alternative. Especially one that doesn’t break the bank, or criminalise someone.

State of the Multiverse 31

As for Ant-Man, he is successful in escaping Osbourne’s clutches, but the escape route he has to take? Euuwwwww! I’m not gonna spoil that one for you, just don’t read this issue while you are eating.

State of the Multiverse 29

Crossovers in the past have been accused of either affecting too much pointlessly, or not having enough long-lasting effects. I don’t think Dark Reign can be accused of either of these.

State of the Multiverse 12

Not a lot released this week on the Big Two’s events. Blackest Night – Superman #1, the conclusion of the Dark Reign: Mr Negative mini

State of the Multiverse 9

When Cloak and Dagger were revealed as members of the (Dark) X-Men, my initial reaction was ‘Huh?’ They are favourite characters of mine, and have

State of the Multiverse 6

Have you been reading the War Of Kings? So much attention has been paid to the Blackest Night and it’s prequel the Sinestro Corps War,

State of the Multiverse 3

So Captain America is alive again. Or will be. Or was somewhen and is coming back. Who does he think he is? Jean Grey? Actually