Looking For That New Buzz

So, according to the interviews, DC's upcoming Trinity War starts with the death of one of the heroes. So, we've never seen that before.

A New Age Cometh!

This month’s Previews carries an infrequent Marvel cover (now that they have their own Previews magazine), which one can read simply as a story development

Fashionable Numbers

By now you’ve heard the news that the long running Hellblazer series is to be cancelled, one of the original and longest running staples of

Keeping Up The Numbers

January solicitations reveal that another four titles of the DCnU will be joining December’s issue of G.I. Combat in carrying the ‘Final Issue’ tagline. It’s

Forever Change The Face Of....

The solicitation of DC’s Wonder Woman #15 (shipping in December) promises the return of Orion and more New Gods behind him (good thing) and that

Losses And Gains

So, now we know. In the wake of the creator re-shuffle at Marvel, Rick Remender confirmed on Monday via Twitter that he is leaving the

Shifting My Assumptions

Today sees the second issue of The Ravagers hitting the shelves, and I find that I really cannot muster the enthusiasm. Whereas some of the

Forces Beneath The Surface

With the second issue hitting the shelves today, I though it was way past time to discuss the relaunch of the legendary Night Force. One