This Is How Hobbits Eat

This Is How Hobbits Eat

Hankering for some hobbit fare? I am sure that you have spent practically all day watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at least once.

Mona Lisa at Her Greasiest

Mona Lisa at Her Greasiest

Very quickly – name three things you can do with a burger. (Think of a big fat juicy burger as you rattle off those uses.)

3D Pancakes

I am in awe of these 3D pancakes. For a guy “just trying to make some cool pancakes for his daughter,” Jim (he only gives

The Unibody Cutting Board

As an Apple fan and foodie this macboook unibody replica wood cutting board is to drool over. I have a thing with wood cutting boards,

Bacon Flavored Lip Balm

Tired from the plethora of fruit flavored lip balms? Now you can buy food flavored ones with Bacon flavor being the most notorious one to

At Last! Stay Puft Marshmallows

Man, ThinkGeek has everything. Well, almost everything; I keep waiting for them to offer an Inception spinning top. Starting today, they’re offering the ultimate in

Get fastfood faster

Today I decided to sin food wise. I had not gone to the supermarket and was not in the mood to cook so fastfood it