"Google Me" business card

I admit this is a very clever idea for a personal business card. I think even for a company business card, it does encourage people

When Gmail Goes Down...

Yesterday, I had a meeting for about an hour so I was not able to check my personal Gmail for a bit. Neither was I

Google's friend locator

Something good has come from Google this week, Google Latitude. It’s paired with the Google Maps application allowing you to find your friends on the

Google Earth for the iPhone

Good news today, Google Earth has just released its iPhone and iPod touch versions. Google Earth is Google’s map software that let’s people scan the

How To Use Google's Jabber Server

As I posted earlier today, Google is exptected to release a chat client within the next few says (although most sources point to Wednesday). However,

Google Optimized For Firefox

Via the GoogleBlog, Google is now optimized to work faster with Firefox and Mozilla by utilizing the prefetching mechanism included with those browsers. What is