This week into it’s second issue, Doorways from IDW is a story of a failed TV show from George R.R. Martin. Now, that may sound

Downe In The Silence

A couple of first issues are on offer this week. Joe Casey presents a one-off special from Image called Officer Downe, while IDW opens another

A Fitting End

In the wake of New York Comicon there is so much that is available to write about, such as the new IDW crossover Infestation (whoda

Locke & Key!

It looks like promo issues work after all. I mean how could I miss anything with the word Lovecraft in the title? I had been

Comic Con looms

The biggest event of the year in the comics social calendar is peeking over the horizon. And no that’s not as oxymoronic as it sounds,

Zombies, Robots, Man - just who are the monsters?

So two eight-page strips made my head and heart spin, leaving me with the confusion that if I was happy I should be disgusted, but if I was disgusted then I was missing out on the happiness. Appalled, yet willing to keep secrets.

State of the Multiverse 58

I had forgotten just how infectious the whole Buffy-style (or more appropriately Willow-style) of speech was, until after spending an afternoon reading, I found myself uttering many such phrases myself. I soon, like, regained control of the speech-type thing, and by the next morning made no more word messiness. At all. Zilch. Nada. Complete absence of.