Valiant Comeback

This week has to be this writer’s favourite week of the month when it comes to comics shipping. Dial H for Hero, Animal Man, Earth

Scouring The Shelves

It is always a pleasure when a good comic leaves you with that pensive feeling; where you put down the magazine and simply retreat into

Chewing Up The Talent

When I think of Jonathan Ross, affectionately known as Wossy, I think of film reviews, pop culture interviews of no significant depth, irreverent and somewhat

Amazing Prophecy

Regular readers of this column will be well aware of my conflicted opinions of Rob Liefeld early work for Image and the original cast of

Challenging The Status Quo

Taking the opportunity of the Christmas period to catch upon my comics reading (and supplementing this with fanfic when I reached the bottom of the

Fatal Hopes For New Readers?

So, are there any of the so-called ‘new readers’ out there reading this column? Anyone recently discovered the worlds of comics due to the movies

Releasing The Fear

So, Fear Itself finally concluded (sort of) this week, and unlike Dark Reign, I find I am quite looking forward to the fallout. We can

Strange Talents

When my magpie instinct for first issues was pinged by the new release of the Strange Talent Of Luther Strode, I was not sure quite

Military And Corporate

Two first issues caught my eye this week, the first eagerly awaited and the second a total surprise. Some months ago I promised the esteemed