Firefox Optimization Tips

Really more for those that may be new to Firefox, CNet has posted an article with 10 tips for helping to keep Firefox running lean

Duplicating your Firefox profile

If you use several computers, then you’re likely familiar with the frustration of having to re-input your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, extensions, and form auto-fill

Check Disk Space in Linux

There are plenty of tools with which you can check your disk space. However, Linux already has a built in function to show you just

How To Use Google's Jabber Server

As I posted earlier today, Google is exptected to release a chat client within the next few says (although most sources point to Wednesday). However,

A Beginner's Guide to Firefox

The author of the “Whitehart”: Firefox theme has written a Beginner’s Guide to Firefox which covers everything from what exactly Firefox is, to what themes