Zombiecalypse, Icelandic Version

Zombiecalypse, Icelandic Version

Till I actually heard the audiobook version of World War Z, I never thought anything about the book. If I had an irrelevant bucket, it

MU Space Portable Pillow-Bed

Frequent travelers would definitely find this portable pillow-bed cum speakers a treat. If you’ve ever found yourself stranded in an airport, you know how it

When Travel And Geek Collide

Statistics show that travel peaks during holiday periods – and we are at the season where one holiday comes after the next. Those who have

Best Hotels For The Tech Lover

Traveling is perhaps my number 1 past time. I have to have at least two trips in a year to maintain my sanity. Otherwise, work

Ideas For A Geek Vacation

Who says that going on vacation is all about hitting the beach? Well, I do most of the time, but there are many other ideas