Best Hotels For The Tech Lover

Traveling is perhaps my number 1 past time. I have to have at least two trips in a year to maintain my sanity. Otherwise, work

T-Mobile 3G/Wi-Fi USB

I’m a T-Mobile user and I’m really happy that rumors are circulating about T-Mobile’s 3G laptop USB sticks. I think I’d head on to the

Meet Rovio

I still couldn’t believe I missed posting about Rovio during the holidays. He has got to be one of the most sensible purchases a geek

What Geeks I Do On Vacation

Today is the start of my 5-day vacation at the beach. I have been planning on this for months and now that I am actually

SouthWest Airlines tests WIFI

It looks like geeks have growing options these days because flights are becoming a little tech savvy.  Recently Southwest Airlines has been testing satellite-based WIFI

Samsung's wireless printers

Oh no… I hope my uncle’s not reading this today because I’m sure he’d head on over to the nearest Office Depot to get this