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Take Cosplay to a Whole Different Level With "Cosplay for Positivity"

Today’s post is by Erin of Cosplay for Positivity. She shares her story and how she came up with this unique twist on one of our favorite things. Geek inspiration at its best!

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Hey, guys, I’m Erin. I’m a wife, mom of two crazy kiddos, health coach, illustrator and I have a huge passion for helping others and everything geek!

I come from a very damaged past. The daughter of two abusive and disabled parents, depression was a way of life for me. But in all that chaos there were times with both parents when we connected and that was normally through Superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy shows/movies.

I was on course to because a Graphic Designer/illustrator when I was in a car accident that disabled me. I suffered nerve damage in my drawing arm, which caused chronic pain and loss of motion in my neck, arm and back.

I quit school and for years followed suit of my parents and allowed my disability to stop me from living. In 2007 I married the love of my life! Young and stupid, we bought a house and made some really poor choices. We found out I was pregnant with our first child, Sammy, around the same time we had to file for bankruptcy in 2010.

We moved in with the in-laws a few years later after Randy lost his job. In 2015, we found out I was pregnant again. Our living condition was a very negative environment. At one point in my pregnancy, I let my hormones and pain allow me to almost take my life. But that’s when I woke up and new I had to fight.

I found an amazing supportive health community and delved into fitness and positivity. I fought and got off my pain meds that I had been hiding behind for 12 years. Randy started to hide as well, not in the room with me and the kiddos but with his friends after work. We never saw him.

For 3 long years, we hid in our room at the in laws and had saved up enough to move out. We got an amazing apartment and the kiddos and I were so happy! About a month later Randy came home early telling me he was let go of work. NOT AGAIN was the first thought that went into my mind.

Randy searched for a new job, but with no hope started to do random jobs for his friends, and started to live at the bar. In the 3 months, he was unemployed, our savings disappeared…

After finding this out I was one step away from leaving him, but Randy refused to lose us. He started to find his own support and I delved completely into mine. We started to work as a team again. Something we hadn’t done since before Sammy was born. I made the decision to embrace my creativity again and started drawing again As we worked together to rebuild our relationship I started to learn new things about myself, and grow even more as a person. That’s when I felt the need to take my creativity to a new level!

When comic con season came and seeing everyone dress up in cosplay I desperately wanted to join in, but I didn’t have sewing skills,  the time or money to make costumes. What I did have though was my endless creativity, passion for the fandoms I loved, and art skills.

I started using what I had around the house to create costumes of the characters I loved. Old clothes from my two kids, shirts Randy didn’t wear anymore… I would use my graphic design background to fill in the gaps with what I was physically missing. Then I would add the positive message I wanted to share with the post. I would listen to my favorite speakers and take what I learned and relate it the character I chose of the day.

I wasn’t expecting anything to come from this. I was just radiating with all my passions combing. What I found was my words and images spoke to people on a different level! I was helping others who could relate to my struggles, and inspiring them to go out and change their lives as I had done with mine!

But the most amazing thing that I’ve found from this new venture is ME! I’ve found my path, what I’m meant to do and how I can help others doing it! I’ve gained my family back and we have never been happier. I’ve become my own superhero.

You’ll find that when everything comes in line in your life that even the worst trauma that happens to you, you can overcome it!

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