It’s just been too long since the last series of Doctor Who came out. For over a year, us fans were forced to wait and take a back seat before ever getting to see the Doctor on the small screen again. Well, luckily enough, we all got a sneak peek of series 13 at San Diego Comic Con where the first trailer was released. Surely, we’ll be watching the series at length in no time. But for now, we’ll still have to wait. To pass the time, it’s only natural for fans to want to do anything Doctor Who-related such as binge-watching all seasons. To make things even more exciting, why not take these Doctor Who personality quizzes? Find out which characters you’re most likely to be, fall in love with, be friends with, and more!

Which Doctor Are you?


Care to know which Doctor is closest to your personality? Check out this fun and easy quiz from! Answer questions like “how do you generally like to make an entrance?” or “how do you deal with you mistakes?”. As long as you know yourself well enough, you can *accurately* get the Doctor who’s most like you.

Which Doctor Who Monster Are You?

Doctor Who Monsters

We know there are a lot of Doctor Who monsters out there, and they all cover different levels of scary in the spectrum. There are the terrifying ones, and there those whom you can’t help but route for. Take this quiz to see if you’re just like your favorite monster!

Which Doctor Should You Date Through Time and Space?

Doctor Who Soulmate

Admit it. Dating a Doctor can be extremely complicated with all the time and space differences. But when it comes to love, I’m sure it’s all worth it right? So take this quiz and pick a personality to fall in love with!

Doctor Who Trivia Game

Dr. Who Trivia

Only *real* fans of the show would be able to ace this Buzzfeed trivia game. Get at least a 12 in this game, and you can proudly call yourself a Doctor Who genius!

Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?

Dr. Who Companion

Behind every great Doctor is a loyal and trusty companion who shares in all his adventures and travels. Take this quiz to find out which companion are you.

Which Doctor Who Companion Do You Vibe With?


Now if you were to be friends with a companion, who would it be? This quiz helps you find out which companion you share a vibe with the most.

Which Doctor Who Character Are You?


Here’s another quiz that will help you determine which Doctor Who character your personality is closest to. Why not, right? You can never have enough Doctor Who personality quizzes, especially if you want to get your favorite character!

Which Character Is Your Soulmate?

Dr. Who Soulmate

Find out which Doctor Who character is your soulmate with this quiz from Oneido. All you need to is pick a cool space name, and answer some pretty easy questions.

The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope


Get some insight into your future with this quiz. As a bonus, it will also determine your Doctor Who character!

Which Doctor Who Doctor Are You?


Here’s another quiz that will help you find out which Doctor you are. Maybe this time you’ll finally get what you were hoping for?

What Kind of Companion Would You Be?

The Companions

Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend your life as a trusty sidekick, on a crazy adventure through space and time? Take this quiz and find out what kind of companion you would be to the Doctor. Better hope it’s a good one!

Which Doctor Are You (Again)?


Hope you’re still up for another quiz. This one’s from howstuffworks, and it seems promising. Are you eclectic and quirky like the Tenth Doctor? Still trying to do some soul searching? You’re probably like the Twelfth Doctor. Take this quiz and find out!

Who’s the Greatest Doctor Who Fan?

Dr. Who Fan

Who’s the greatest Doctor Who fan? Is it you or an 11-year old who wrote this quiz? This just goes to show that being a fan of the show exceeds age restrictions!

How Well Do You Know Series 1?

series 1

It’s time for a little throwback with this quiz testing your series 1 knowledge! What better way to spend your time waiting for series 13, right?

Life You Create Will Reveal Which Doctor You Are


Take a shot at the situational questions from this Life You Create quiz, and your answers will reveal which Doctor you are!

Which Doctor Who Villain Are You?


Enough with all the protagonist-centered quizzes! It’s time to find out which villain you’re most likely to be! It’s fun to be the villain sometimes. Don’t you agree? Check out this quiz!

10 Scariest Doctor Who Monsters

What Doctor Who Can Teach Us About the Dangers of Enhancing the Human Body

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