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Talk To Ghosts (And More) Like Never Before With Ouija Board Boxers

Talking to ghosts is supposed to be a frightening experience, especially when done with a Ouija board. You never who’s going to answer to your bothersome requests to disturb the dead. Now, with Halloween fast approaching, such a fad is about to be more popular again. So, instead of the usual boring and borderline offensive ghost calling, you might want to surprise these ghosts with a pickup-line instead. That mentality goes perfect with the Ouija Board boxers!

What is this anomaly, you ask? It’s the best thing to ever graze your crotch this year… that wasn’t an insult… okay never mind; you get the point. Anyway, today we present Ouija Board Boxer Briefs.

It’s “thoughtfully” crafted underwear for your specific needs whether it’s ghost hunting or the preliminary phases of what eventually leads to ghosting– if you’re evil.

It’s made of 92 percent stretchable polyester and eight percent elastane. Of course, the wide and soft elastic waistband is there to keep things together.

As for the star of the show, the Ouija, it’s printed on top of the material but the grey and black colors ensure less awkward fades or discoloration (that’s inevitable, depending on your hygiene). The Ouija board print goes both in the front and back, in case you prefer doing it lying face-down. For whatever reason.

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Of course, nothing’s stopping you or your “friends” from grabbing a planchette and calling some spirits. Just prepare your silver tongue for when they see the vulgar manner of how you summoned them.

The Ouija board boxer briefs will only set you back $12.99; planchette is not included. We don’t claim it will work like a regular decent Ouija board – but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to try your luck with some spirits, right?

Get yourself a new pair of boxer briefs, won’t ya?

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