Target goes Blu-Ray exclusive in-store

I hate the format war. I hated the DVD/Divx war, and I’m hating the HD-DVD/Blu Ray war even more. I want to upgrade to High Def disks for my DVD collection, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to choose one of these formats.

Drew posted earlier today about Microsoft announcing a price drop on the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360. Which is good for HD-DVD. Today Target announced that they will only be stocking Blu-Ray players in their stores. Which is good for Blu-Ray. It’s not a HUGE win for Blu-Ray, though, with Target still selling HD-DVD players online. Plus they’ll still be selling HD-DVD disks, and the Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on. Target even went on record to say that they haven’t chosen a side. “We are not proclaiming one format vs. the other as the preferred consumer technology.”

My money is still on HD-DVD because of Wal-mart and Porn. We’ll see what happens.

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