The taboo around tattoos has diminished a lot the last past decade. It’s not looked down any more if you have one or two nice tattoos on a discreet place on your body. Now it’s a question of getting a tasteful tattoo somewhere not on your face or head rather then not getting one at all.

A year ago I got my first tattoo after thinking about it a year long, I wanted something really meaningful and be sure it wasn’t something I would regret later. I decided on a poem which I wanted on my shoulder, but at the ink shop I decided why put it somewhere where I can’t see it every time I want. So I had it inked on the my inner left arm and till today I like it very much.

Since venturing into the tattoo world I pay more attention to others their tattoos and I noticed I see more bad ones then good ones. They are obviously chosen without second thoughts and placed in spots that are not hidden by regular cloth. Not that they should be hidden, to each their choice but if it is a FAIL tattoo you’d be wishing it was under your clothes. Because lets admit it the taboo might be less but if you want a job which deals with high status you’ll need to cover up those tats.

The people of Houston tattoo removal have devised an excellent flowchart to help you decided to get a tattoo or not. And this is something you should definitely consult if you have yet to get a first tattoo.

Tattoo flowchart

I went through the flowchart with the tattoo I currently have on mind and passed the chart without a problem. I can safely say I made the right decision with getting my tattoo. But then again I don’t have stars all over my face or Tony Danzas face on my leg.

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