Tech Giants Going All Out on Wearable Tech, a Reason for Gadget Geeks to Rejoice!

These are exciting times for gadget geeks, as technology is moving at a faster pace than ever. There is no doubt that wearable tech is at the forefront of the scene, with tech giants throwing their money into research, obtaining patents, and making sure they get ahead of their competitors.

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Earlier this year, experienced information technology professional Neeraj Tewari made his predictions on the biggest tech trends this year, and wearable tech made it to the list.

What exactly is wearable tech?

As the name implies, it covers a lot of ground – basically any technological device small enough to be worn on one’s person, from Google Glass to smartwatches.

If you’re a gadget geek who’s always on the lookout for cutting edge technology, then you’re certainly in for some shiny new things this year and the next – and the next.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, you might not know that companies are looking to invest $50 billion in technology investments. Samsung, General Electric, Google, and of course, Apple, are all on a race to find the next big thing – and that may very well be wearable tech tied in with the Internet of Things.

As Neeraj Tewari says, “with how mobile people are now, its no surprise that wearable technology is proving to be big business.

Google, for example, has paid $3.2 billion to acquire Nest Labs, which makes smart home devices like thermostats and smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. While this is more closely related to the Internet of Things, it is probably easy for Google to connect these applications to their wearable tech department.

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Apple is leading the way with a $3.2 billion buyout of headphone company Beats, with the tech scene – including Apple fanboys and haters – being like the proverbial hornet’s nest that has been kicked when this piece of news broke. On the one hand, some claim to understand why Apple is buying Beats. Writer Mark DeCambre even goes as far as to say that Beats may be the best platform for Apple’s wearable tech. Of course, the bashers will always be there on the other side, having nothing positive to say about this deal.

Then there’s Facebook and Oculus VR. In March, Zuckerberg himself made the announcement that they were acquiring Oculus VR, stating that they are first going to target the gaming scene, and then expand to other applications of the leading player in virtual reality technology.

We also can’t discount Microsoft, which is rumored to be working on its own smartwatch: the Microsoft Smartwatch. While it’s all speculation at this point, information from sources have revealed details such as the smartwatch using sensors that have been developed by the Kinect team. These sensors are supposed to monitor the user’s heart rate without the need for manual input (turning on and off.) Speculation though it may be, it’s obvious that Microsoft is also investing in wearable tech.

“The tech giants of today are sitting on a stockpile of money, and there is no hesitation to enter the race for the next big thing,” says Neeraj Tewari.

With all these huge tech companies having the money to spend on wearable tech – and you bet that they are spending it – I think we are going to see quite a lot of interesting devices in the next year or so. While we already have the Pebble, the Galaxy Gear, and other smartwatches, we have to admit there is still a lot of room for improvement – and new wearable tech that we will actually want to throw our money at.

It’s all a mishmash of information, with everyone jumping into the wearable tech bandwagon, but the good news for us gadget geeks is that we will have a wide array of choices. No matter what platform or brand you prefer, you will – more likely than not – have something that will not offend your loyalties.

Aren’t you just excited about this niche growing? Before we know it, we might be shopping for those awesome wearable gadgets we see on our favorite sci-fi shows!

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