Tech gifts for the non-techie

It’s no secret that giving gifts can be stressful. Level of stress is usually determined by the occasion, its significance, and your relationship to the receiver.

It’s a complicated algorithm, to be sure. Another wrench in the system is the fact that our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced. People now expect technology as gifts. It’s getting a little insane.


Ten-year-olds are now asking for smartphones. I know this because a Facebook friend of mine posted about her daughter’s pre-teen insistence that she “needed” one.

Now, I’m inclined to say that a ten-year-old doesn’t need a smartphone, but they can be great gifts for the adults or teens in your life. However, make sure you know the person pretty well: smartphones can cost a lot up front, but remember that they continue to cost money in monthly plans, as well as apps and so forth.


One of the best gifts for new grads can be fancy pens. I’m not talking super-cool gel-inks, I mean pens that record lectures and load notes into computers and can collate the spot in the lecture where the note was written.

The proud owner can use these pens to help get the best grades possible. Also, there are water/LED-light speakers that will totally trick out the dorm room while the student is jamming to tunes while studying — though I’m not sure if the music would interfere with their super-awesome note-taking lecture pen …

Computers and tablets

These are great for the grads; most of them need new computers before they head off to the next chapter in their lives. There are all sorts of options, from Chromebooks to Windows tablets, to an entire range of Apple products.

I’d advise you to take the recipient of your gift with you when you’re buying something of this magnitude, to make sure it meets his or her specific computing needs.


If you have a gamer in your life, he or she is pretty likely to love high-tech gifts. These are available in a wide range of price points, from new games to accessories like controllers or mice, to new game systems.

Wedding gifts

You might think that weddings would be gloriously low-tech. Simple, sweet, romantic … and with Skype guests and personalized hashtags and Prezi slideshows, oh my. Buying a wedding gift that has an appropriate level of technological advancement depends heavily on the couple. In the past, it was traditional to buy kitchen appliances or personalized home goods, but honestly, that’s not how it is anymore.

Yes, wedding gifts have gone high-tech. Even some of those home appliance gifts have gotten pretty swanky. There are amazing cappuccino machines and all-in-one breakfast stations that have coffee pots, toasters, and a frying pan all together. There’s all sorts of digital photo frames and cameras so the couple can document their honeymoon.

Art & design

If the person you are buying the gift for is artistic or into fashion then they might dig some geeky art and clothing such as:

Robocop Riding  a Unicorn Tee-shirt

Wearable Sci-Fi Gadgets

Bacon Tee-shirt

Tech gifts for the non-techie

Let’s be honest. There are people who don’t like technology, who are resistant to its ever-invasive presence in our society. We might feel the urge to bring them into the digital age, but throwing them into the deep end is not the way to go.

Find what level of technical aptitude the person has and plan accordingly: go up about one step from whatever he or she is currently using. But please be respectful of what the person wants. Don’t push people to a place where they’re not comfortable.

Leave the high-tech gifts to the people who actually want them.


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