Tech in Hotels Anticipate Need

By Dave

When I am a return visitor at a hotel, I wish they knew what temperature I liked having my room at. From looking at the shows I watched last time I was there, it would be nice if it let me know if a new episode of any of them were going to come on. If I ordered twenty root beers, I would like that same offer be extended to me.

When regulars like Dr. Laurence Wiener check into the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan, they get more than a smile from the concierge and a mint on their pillow. Dr. Wiener’s hotel room knows how warm he likes it – 68 degrees. It welcomes him with a personal message on his television set. It even loads his most frequently dialed numbers onto the phone.

Dr. Laurence Wiener, a frequent guest at the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan, using the remote controller for all his suite’s electronics.

And the bellhop did not have to do a thing.

At the Mandarin and other high-end hotels, new computer systems that connect individual rooms to network servers can now keep track of guests’ preferences and change the room conditions automatically.

Isn’t that neat? Basically it is just like the new smart homes people are getting now but in a hotel setting, and thus making hotels more welcoming and useful in my opinion. People worry about “big brother” though as the system does record a wide range of personal data and its unknown where the limit on their recording of personal data is, but I try not too worry too much about such things.

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