Ten embarrassing cellphone blunders revealed in new survey

By andy

With cellphones near-ubiquitous now, and the fact that we take them pretty much everywhere, no matter what state we’re in, it’s not surprising that they’re the source of a number of embarrassing gaffes.

A survey by a leading UK mobile phone price comparison site has revealed Brits’ top ten blunders.

How many of these have you been caught out by?

1. Embarrassing ringtones in public places (85%)

Who hasn’t set their phone to the most irritating ring tone possible and then have it ring at the most inappropriate time?

Oh wait. Me. Ha ha.

Really, no sympathy at all for anyone who voluntarily put a daft song or sound on their phone.

2. Phone ringing in inappropriate situations (58%)

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Well, that’s what the “silent” setting is for, yet it seems a lot of people are still unable to use it.

Again, no sympathy for getting the evil eye from the crowd / your boss / the vicar conducting the funeral.

3. Regrettable drunken phone calls (52%)

Really, your phone should be confiscated when you’re drunk, because you just know you’re going to make a call to an ex, or your boss, or wake a mate up at three in the morning with your drunken gibbering.

4. Mistaken identity – Texting the wrong person (49%)

Unless you’re drunk, you really ought to know how to select someone from your phone’s address book.

5. Leaving a voicemail on wrong answer phone (41%)

What are you, stupid?

6. Being on loudspeaker without realising (30%)

How you “don’t realise” is beyond me. The clue’s in the name. “LOUD SPEAKER”.

7. Saucy pictures ending up in the wrong hands (28%)

Why have you been taking naughty pics on your mobile phone anyway? Don’t you know the quality is most likely terrible? Plus, now your mum knows what your latest GF looks like in the buff. Smart.

8. Mobile ringing when already pretending to be on the phone (22%)

Oh yeah, I bet you thought you looked so cool pretending, didn’t you?

At least it’s a real phone, I guess. Mind you, if you’re this sad, the person ringing is probably a telesales rep.

9. Text-jacking – Friends sending inappropriate things from your phone (20%)

Didn’t you set a pass code?

10. Calling someone without realising and gossiping about them (19%)

Now this is funny. Really. I’m sure the other person has a good sense of humour anyway, and won’t hate you, punch you the next time they see you and then never talk to you again.

So what’s your most embarrassing cellphone moment?

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