Terry Pratchett's Meteorite Sword Beats Them All

I suppose that being the superstar fantasy author that he is, Terry Pratchett is entitled to having awesome stuff come his way. After all, anyone who has the imagination to put together things such as Discworld deserves toys that are way out of the ordinary, right?

That one-of-a-kind bling up there is definitely no ordinary sword. It’s Sir Terry Pratchett’s custom-made meteorite sword.

The idea of having his own sword made stems from the fact that the author has been knighted by the Queen.  Understandably, for someone of his stature, the sword has to have something extra special about it.  (Aside from the fact that it is Terry Pratchett having a sword made!)  If you ever feel the urge to do something like this, here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Get 81 kilograms of iron ore from fields near your home
  • Get together a makeshift kiln (you can use clay and hay to create one; and be sure to use sheep manure for the fuel)
  • Smelt the ore in the makeshift kiln (in your backyard, preferably)
  • Throw in some chunks of meteorite (thunderbolt iron, according to Terry Pratchett)
  • Hammer the metal into bars.

At this point, you are allowed to approach the local blacksmith – after all, not everyone is expected to be able to create a sword all by himself.  Now you may disagree with me, but this sword is way cooler than the DIY lightsaber I wrote about last month, isn’t it?

Now does anyone know where I can get some meteorite chunks? I gotta have one of these made.

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