Tetris with Pillows is Oddly Satisfying

Everyone knows tetris, that block stacking game that gets increasingly harder until you inevitably fail.

There are tetris Halloween costumes, tetris themed parties, tetris apparel, and a whole string of other tetris-related things.

Someone even found a way to let trick-or-treating children (and adults) play tetris on carved pumpkin a couple Halloweens back. The love for tetris seems to be universal.

Playable Tetris-O-Lantern

The game was released in 1984. It’s available on nearly every gaming consul and operating system. It can also be found on some graphing calculators and mobile devices.

People have also animated all sorts of gifs for the game, ranging from satisfying (a perfect game) to frustrating (an impossible game). This time around, someone created an animated gif of what tetris would look like if the blocks were made out of pillows.

It’s a fun and oddly satisfying loop.

While it certainly would be more interesting if someone were to create a tetris version that used pillows (or blocks that bounced) instead of the typical, solid blocks, we have to wonder whether this “new” game would gain any traction, or just attract a league of frustrated gamers.

It looks like we will be sticking to regular tetris, for now. Even the original game is still incredibly popular.

Records for tetris vary.

Several people have achieved the legendary 999,999 points on tetris which, in itself, is a pretty bit deal. On the other hand, it seems like no on can agree on the longest gameplay on a single game of tetris. One man claimed to top out at 15.5 hours while another swore he made it to almost 20 hours.

This just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

This guy’s Tetris video has individual videos inside each block

Tater Tot Tetris

This Playable Tetris-O-Lantern Makes Halloween Less Scary

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