Tetris Furniture: Time To Redecorate!

It shames me to say that I do not have an artistic bone in my body, but it is true. When it comes to interior decorating, I am even worse. My place is decent enough, but I don’t seem to have that touch to make it visually appealing. Still, it hasn’t stopped me from scouting out interesting pieces of furniture. Who knows, I just might find the missing link!

And speaking of pieces of furniture, I ran across a set of Tetris furniture that could do the trick. I mean, how can you go wrong with Tetris? The guys at Walyou featured various kinds of geeky furniture, but the Tetris pieces got my attention like no other. They’re not new, but it should be easy enough to come up with similar pieces.

This set of shelves should work well in small spaces – like my tiny shoebox of a condo. The lines are sleek and the added splashes of color on the edges should bring life into any living space.

See how you can put them together to maximize space and use the shelves for different purposes? That’s perfect for someone like me who does not seem to know how to organize things.

I wouldn’t mind staying at home all weekend if I have an area like this! I am not so sure about the comfort level of that couch (if you can call it that), but it sure does look pretty, doesn’t it?

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