That Was Quick - iPad Jailbroken

Well now that was quick.

MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev-Team has officially jailbroken the iPad. How’d he do it? Turns out it’s a twist on the “Spirit” jailbreak that’s been used for the most recent version of the iPhone, 3.1.3. Now I don’t know much about the process of jailbreaking – I’m not a programmer, remember – but doing this to the iPad seems a little less important than it is for the iPhone.

With the iPhone, the jailbreak process frees you from the shackles of AT&T,and allows you to get out of Apple’s restricted system. With the iPad, well, it’s neat to do it because then you can claim firsties. But the only real tyrannical dictator that you’re avoiding here is Steve Jobs, in which case you have to wonder why you’d want an iPad in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for homebrew and hacking. And if it wasn’t for people like MuscleNerd, we wouldn’t have some of the advances in technology that we’ve got today. But this is one of those products that I just don’t see wanting broken. I just like enjoying it as is, and keeping that homegrown system as fresh as it was from the factory.

Then again, if you can put Super Mario 3 on it, I’ll be next in line to jailbreak one.

Via Macnn

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