The 5 Best Auto-themed Video Games

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While our cars today do a fantastic job, they don’t exactly let us live out our fantasies of having intense street races, chasing criminals or driving on the Formula 1 racetracks. Thankfully, we have video games that let us experience this sort of reality, and bring out the adrenaline junkie within. Here’s a list of 5 amazing best auto-themed video games that any racing aficionado is sure to love.

Best auto-themed video games

5. Forza Motorsport Series

Creator: Forza Motorsport Series

Original Platform: Xbox

Objective: Like every other racing game, the objective in Forza is to win the race. Yet, Forza differs in that there are additional achievements tied to specific features in the game, such as photos and replays. Unlocking these achievements helps increase overall point score.

Why it’s awesome: Forza is one of the car games out there that has dozens of customizable features as well as major damage control. The combined effects actually alter the performance of cars in a significant manner. The Forza Motorsport series allows you to play with cars from worldwide top manufacturers and race on realistic tracks. The interface is sleek in every way, and this deep console game continues to improve with every edition.

4. Grand Theft Auto III

Creator: Rockstar

Original Platform: PlayStation II

Objective: The GTA “objective” is more like a story. Following the events of GTA II, Claude and his girlfriend Catalina leave to go to Liberty city. During a bank robbery, Catalina gets overly ambitious shoots Claude with the intention of killing him. He survives the wound but gets arrested. After being freed by another criminal, Claude begins to work for Salvatore Leone. Of course, in true GTA fashion there are a bunch of mini-plots involving lies, betray, affairs and other complication. Eventually, Claude and Salvatore Leone’s wife Maria escape the Leones, though Maria is soon later kidnapped by ex-girlfriend Catalina. Claude manages to save Maria and also kill Catalina and her men. During the credits, another gunshot is heard, implying that Claude kills Maria, probably to stop her babbling and keep her silent permanently.

Why it’s awesome: Grand Theft Auto, though not merely a car racing game, is easily a must-mention on this list. The GTA enterprise is full of satire, starting from its mean-spirited cities, badly-tempered people, and cars that are obviously based on real life models. The lifelike grandeur of GTA makes the inevitable demise of your vehicle all the more thrilling, booms and bangs galore.

3. Gran Turismo 3: A-spec

Creator: Polyphony Digital

Original Platform: PlayStation II

Objective: GT3 has a slightly reorganized layout, with a progressive arrangement of races and challenges. The goal is to win all races (obviously) and complete the game. After successful completion of every quarter of the game, the player is rewarded with a new special car as a prize.

Why it’s awesome: Gran Turismo, a name synonymous with auto racing was the ultimate driving game of the 21st century. With rallying modes and amazing replicas of real life cars, Gran Turismo doesn’t allow any player a dull moment at all. The game has a great immersive portion, with modification options perfectly balanced between technical and simple. Since the days of GT3, every Gran Turismo game has improved and impressed, making the GT series one for the books.

2. Fast and Furious (2006)

Creator: Eutechnyx

Original Platform: PS2/PSP

Objective: The Fast and Furious video game follows the same storyline as the movie, tying into events that occurred in previous movies. The game has various competitions, including point-to-point street races, speed races and races for the most drift. There are hotspots positioned along the Shuto Expressway racetracks that align with the actual garages featured in Tokyo Drift.

Why it’s awesome: Watching the Fast and Furious movies have always been a thrill. With the release of the Fast and Furious video game, fans can actually be a part of the action that makes these movies such a hit. In terms of gaming experience, the Fast and Furious video game includes some great customizable features such a special LED lights to light up tires, and realistic mascots that represent Japanese Street Racing culture.

1. Mario Kart

Creator: Nintendo

Original Platform: SNES

Objective: Mario Kart doesn’t really have a “plot”, but this doesn’t make it any less fun. The goal is to collect the shiny gold trophy, given to the player who comes in first place. Mario Kart has modes like Grand Prix, time trial, battle mode and versus mode, all of which entail of beating your opponents using innovative weapons and skilled racing.

Why it’s awesome: An old classic, Mario Kart tops this list. With signature graphics that have now become their own emblems, Mario Kart continues to appease players, years after its original release. Players can ride anything from the little but powerful go-karts to a form of the more elite Mario Mercedes-Benz. Not to mention, racing favorite characters like Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser and more. Mario Kart allows for various modes, letting players engage in many different types of friendly competition.

Now it’s your turn – What are your favorite auto-themed video games? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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