You ever have the urge to grab someone’s face and jam your thumbs into their eye sockets? Just sink them in until the ocular fluid is pouring all over your hand like so much vaginal discharge? Have you ever looked at a field of flowers and just ran through them, shattering their beautiful petals under your feet just because you can? Have you ever looked in on a group of people enjoying life, maybe playing cards in their house or some shit, and just wish you could let a feral wolf loose in there and just gaze in the open window marveling at the chaos you caused? THAT is the Joker. He is the voice in the back of ALL OUR HEADS that makes us want to do the darkest things, just so we can dance and revel in the madness we caused. While some look at his most sick acts and are repulsed, I am not one of those people. I think, for all the good in the world, there NEEDS to be bad. It balances this shit all out. And with the new Jared Leto Joker coming soon, we thought it would be a good time to unleash a piece about all the awful (and creative, and sick) things The Joker has ever done. Here are 6 of the sickest.

And to those who take offense that I used the word beautiful to explain some of these. He is a bad guy, tards. He is supposed to piss you off. And he does so beautifully, like me. Deal with it. Also, SPOILER ALERT….

Skins A Man At A Strip Club and Makes Him Dance


Based off Ledger’s Joker, ‘the Joker’ graphic novel is the sickest version of the character ever committed to print. He raped a woman to make a point to a man (shudders), and kills an elderly couple (for fun). The whole book is an exercise on how wonderfully depraved the character can be, with the highlight being when he skinned a dude who was harassing and disrespecting Harley Quinn.

It was pretty awesome, to be honest. You have to admire that kind of tenacity and fire. Wait, you think the rape should go before this? Yes, it probably should. Good thing the above pic shows both.

Killed A TV Audience During A Late Show Taping


This was obviously in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight comic run, and again, fucking awesome. The Joker has convinced the world he has changed his ways, and is basically invited on the David Letterman show, where he proceeds to kill the entire audience.

DC was badass enough to make this into an animated movie and include the scene (suck on that, Marvel). Feel free to watch it above.

Beats Robin to Death


Let’s make something very fucking clear here. The Joker only beat Robin to death because DC held a phone in poll as to whether or not the fans wanted the Joker to kill Robin. The sad part is, the YES’ only beat out the NO’s by a few thousand calls.

The end result was The Joker beating Robin to death with a crowbar and then blowing him up. Also, let it be known, another moment DC was dope enough to capture for one of their animated movies (again, as seen above). And you all know who that Robin turned into, yes?

Hood. I mean good. Good.

Paralyzed Barbara Gordon and Finally Causes Batman To Kill Him

dead joke

Oh man, The Killing Joke. What happens when Alan Moore gets his hands on The Joker and Batman. A thing of beauty, that’s what. Though most Batman fans know this all too well, here is the long story short. Joker wanted to drive Jim Gordon insane, so he went to his daughter’s house and shot her in the spin, crippling her. There are then some shots later in the comic when he is torturing a Jim Gordon where you see shots of Barbara naked, laying on the ground. Yes, that implies the Joker also raped her. Bad guys are bad. That is how this shit works.

And so it is known, I am from the school of believers where Batman kills The Joker at the end of this story. Why? Because that is what happened. He fucking did. Why do you think the hands reach out around the neck in the above pic and then the laughing stops? Also, why the shit you think the story is named that?

Which leads to one final story where The Joker got the ultimate revenge on Brucey boy….

Joker Kills Himself


Yes, this is more Dark Knight lore, and was the greatest, sickest Joker moment ever (as long as you disregard the physics and science behind it). Batman finally has Joker pinned, and it seems like he is all set with Joker’s shit. Joker knows how this will all look to the authorities so he (somehow) snaps his own neck, while laughing maniacally and looking Batman in the eyes (before spinning his own head the opposite way using no hands. Huh?).

He knew in doing this, the cops would then think Batman finally snapped, and he would be fucked as a result. Brilliant final play, Joker. That is what we call, for the win.

Looks like the joke was on Batman the whole time.

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