The 6 Best Trailers That Dropped At SDCC 2015

Every year, some badass reveals get made at San Diego Comic-con. The nerd worlds sits at home on their computers, drooling, wait to see all the wonderful leaked trailers some nerd took on his phone. And this year, the turn out of new material and trailers was one of the best in SDCC history. We had everything from some details on a new Walking Dead spinoff we are really excited about, to even the first walking, talking, moving footage of Jared Leto as The Joker in the new Suicide Squad movie. For geeks, it was like some magical day where all our childhood fantasies became real at once. So now that the dust has settled, let’s talk about the 6 best trailers from SDCC 2015.

Best trailers from SDCC 2015



Okay, okay, so this one was bootlegged. Still, anyone who knows anything about the merc with the mouth knows that this trailer has basically nailed the entire vibe of Deadpool. From his cocky sense of humor (he even makes fun of his own Green Lantern outfit in the movie, in character) to the fact that the movie is going to blood soaked and hilarious, Deadpool is the hard R-rated superhero movie the world needs right now.

Especially when all of Marvel’s stuff has been so safe compared to DC. Deadpool’s SDCC trailer riled things up and reminded the world Marvel isn’t just kiddy stuff. But Marvel might wanna start worrying a bit because….

Dawn Of Justice

I already told you all extensively what this entire movie is about, so there really isn’t much for me to say here that has not already been said by me.

Regardless, this film looks fantastic and looks like it might be THE movie to beat in 2016. Safe to say this trailer made some Marvel execs start sweating profusely and with good reason. DC is coming back into the ring in 2016, and they plan on only landing knock out punches.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Okay, so maybe I spouted on and on about this one already, too. But come on. It has Bruce Campball. It has all the humor and gore that made the originals so awesome, and Xena the warrior princess is in it. There is no way this show CAN’T be fantastic.

Moving on….

Suicide Squad

Okay, we can forget about anyone but Harley Quinn and The Joker. Everyone else in that movie can just shuffle off to the shadows and hide, because we ALL KNOW who the true star of this movie will be. Well, stars, actually. Margot Robbie as Harley and Jared Leto as the Joker will seriously change up the ‘bad guy’ comic book movie dynamic, and this films is promising to be dark as hell.

Looks like the film will work as a Harley origin story, with the group’s first target being, potentially, the Joker. And though the trailer looks stunning from start to finish, the scene when The Joker comes out at the end, holding the electrodes? Those are scenes that nerds like me live for. This new Joker is going to be psychotic beyond levels we have yet seen on-screen, and if that trailer is any indication, comic book movies that come out after this film are going to be this film’s bitch.

Fear the Walking Dead


I had my doubts about a Walking Dead spinoff  when I first heard about it. I found out that it took place earlier, and will end up showing us how it all happened. Just seemed like a money grab to me, but once I saw the trailer from SDCC, I was impressed. The show had a different feel (feels more like a big budget zombie movie than show) and it actually looks promising.

Also, it has “sexy zombies”. Still think that’s pretty lame, won’t lie, but I will reserve judgement until I the show comes out.

Heroes Reborn


I was not particularly excited when I heard the NBC show Heroes was getting a “reboot”. Show started strong but got weak and went on too long. So the thought of a spin-off series wasn’t great news. But I will begrudgingly admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer. It looked like it captures some of the first season magic, but while also upping the ante a great deal.

Should be curious to see how it plays out, especially when compared to its predecessor.

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